IT Security

IT security is more important these days than ever. The advent of the Internet has brought us many benefits but security is tricky even for those in the know. At the very least you should have a secure password and an individual user account if you use a PC. The only exception would be if you were using a shared machine in a production environment for example. A savvy IT guy would have locked Internet access but some IT guys are not so savvy.

Below we have listed what we consider to be security prerequisites for using a computer in a secure fashion.

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A unique logon

Most standards such as ISO 27001 or the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards would require that each user has a unique account for a computer should they use one. This is for your protection.

A Strong Password

A strong password is very important as a hacker would likely use software to figure out a password and the more complex the password the more difficult that would be. 

Anti Virus Software

Computer Viruses have been with us for some time but they are not living things. They are computer code written by a malicious type who is trying to gain access to your information. Some are just destructive. Both are caught by good AV.

Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall protects from malicious code which may reach your desktop usually from the Internet. Your home router will have a firewall built in to help reduce online threats. Your business will have a more robust solution as the threat is even greater.

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